Friday, November 6, 2009

Creativity for a Cure!

My name is Capri, and I feel so blessed to be your reigning Miss Mississippi!

I am a firm believer that giving is the best feeling in the world. In honor of Meaghan Meyers, I have started Creativity for a Cure which involves helping children with illnesses through artistic ways! A few of these wonderful projects include:

Crafts for a Cure- helping children with special needs make crafts for children with cancer; in essence, this project's touching message is, "Children with needs helping other children with needs."

Reach- a project similar to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America; however, volunteers are assigned a child with cancer and visit them on a weekly basis rather than the traditional holiday visits. I feel that these beautiful gifts of life need more to be excited about on a regular basis as opposed to only holidays. Volunteers do crafts and spend time with their assigned child. The process is life changing! Most of the crafts the children make are made for other children with diseases, the troops over seas, and impoverished children in other countries. (Reach has been put on hold until the H1N1 virus is not as prevalent.)

Additionally, I have added the famous Princess of the Year as one of these projects. Princess of the Year is a touching experience where a child with cancer is given a crown and made Princess of the Year. This was started by the Pink Heart Fund of Long Beach, MS, and I have adopted it into Creativity for a Cure! We recently crowned a little girl "Princess of the Year" who has been battling cancer since she was a child; she is currently in remission. To surprise her, we picked her and her family up in a limo, and ate at a nice restaurant. When arriving at the restaurant, media was there to record her beautiful experience! As she got out of the limo I crowned her "Princess of the Year!" This beautiful little girl will be getting many "royal treatments" throughout the year. My photographer agreed to give her a free photoshoot, and many more wonderful things are in store!! :) (The limo ride, dinner, and gift certificates were all donated; the community really came together!) If you would like to donate anything to make her year more princesslike, please let me know! :D (I will be helping out with Princess of the Year annually!)

Some other things Creativity for a Cure has entailed has been volunteering, hosting, and emceeing at many special olympics events!!

These are only a few of the several things that entail Creativity for a Cure. I am also in the process of hand-painting hundreds of t-shirts. All proceeds will go to find the cure and benefit cancer patients. I will be sure to attach a link to the t-shirts when more are finished so they can be purchased.

If anyone would like any information about how to become involved; please feel free to contact me! It would be my pleasure to help in any way possible!

Remember, nothing can compare to the feeling of giving.

May you all be abundantly blessed and prosperous!

-Capri Abdo
Miss Mississippi 2009-2010

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