Saturday, March 27, 2010

Crafts for a Cure- "Children with needs helping other children with needs!" :)

Crafts for a Cure- Part of my platform CREATIVITY for A CURE, is Crafts for a Cure. Crafts for a Cure is where children with special-needs are met in their learning facility and helped with making bracelets for pediatric cancer patients!

The message of this program is, "Children with needs helping other children with needs."

I had an absolute blast doing this; the kids were so creative, and the children who were given the bracelets loved them!

Bracelets are symbolic for pediatric cancer patients because in a way it gives them a feeling of someone holding their hand every step of the way!

The bracelets the students made have positive words on them such as: Faith, Love, Hope, Smile, etc. :)

If you would like to start something like this, or would like information on how to help, please let me know! ( :)

Ps. I will post pictures asap!

Abundant Blessings,
Capri Abdo
Miss Mississippi 2009-2010

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